Thank you, Ron Knight, for the opportunity to succeed and the faith! Pumped about another meet and greet, though I will be keeping better track of my drinks! -Professor Id

hey man! i posted this song a week back and it got 130,000 plays, it's my thanx 2 u

MR. Gallagher - ay man i just wanted u guys to know, that ur a dieing breed up n this industry...

Michael Gallagher - Between Sins

Thanks again for the great opportunity meeting all those great hard music industry execs.
it truly was an great experience,& i look forward 2 many more performances with Entertainmentfirst as well as utilizing the good connections,


What an awesome time I had.

Loved watching you work behind the scenes...
You are definitely a pro.
You and Kimberly are definitely on to something, and both of you know your shit.
Can't wait to work with ya again, and hope I brought something to the event...
Something you will want to use often!
Michael Cagle

One hell of a businessman, and a down to earth class act...

Professor Id Las Vegas, here we come.

Thank you guys I had a blast!

I had a fun time, the event was exciting and very entertaining - thanks.

I loved performing at the Expo, I met some great industry representatives at the event that really steered me in the right direction for my career.
Thanks for the opportunity.

The Music and Fashion Expo was an excellent forum for me to meet new people in the industry - I am now recording my first album and the music seminar I attended has helped me make better decisions to get my album finished and mastered correctly.
I'll be back with my album at your next event
"Lil G"

I loved being part of the Fashion Shows, when are we doing it all again? Plus I got some great work from the show - I recommend the Music & Fashion Expo to all models

Very Professional! - Frank S

We loved performing live and spending time in Las Vegas, thanks Entertainmentfirst for the opportunity, I love to meet new people and learning from industry representatives is priceless.
Monica Harris

We had a blast at the Music and Fashion Expo, the models we worked with were awesome - thanks again

Great place to meet new business people, music artists and I love networking so I made some great new working connections, plus I had the pleasure of having dinner with Mr. Joe Jackson and his friends that visited the Expo

hey ron whats up...
its jay from 2Fresh. just checking in to see how the showcase is going? were in the studio now recording new music for the NY showcase in October. We've got some real bangers comin' Ron trust me! if record executives aren't interested in what were gonna have, then there something wrong!! real talk! When we get them finished, if you'd like ill send them to you so you can preview and give us some feed back!?
Jay, 2 Fresh

Hello Ron,
This is BigTone of Great Entertainment......
I would like to thank you and your team for inviting me to your expo event...
I really luved and enjoyed myself and made very good connections, I look forward to being at the next event PLEASE, keep me informed on your next event.....
Thanks a load and next year I will bring my artist at that event.....
Great Entertainment..............BigTone

Thank you for the !!!Great Experience!!!!
I had a very good time and hoping is not the last time, you are !!!Great!!!
Maria Bruce
MBruce Designs

Hey Ron,
Thank you for a wonderful weekend. Michael Campbell told me to send him an e-mail and He would send us a contract! So Yippie! as you know when you put in years and years of your life to get nothing back to be told that the tunnel ends soon even with another mountain of work to be done gives you the shot in the arm that is so desperately needed.
On that note we would love to work with you in getting into more rooms in Vegas and anywhere in the world for that matter and get your recommendations for proper management

Hi Ron & Kim,
Everything was phenomenal!
I absolutely appreciate & enjoyed everything.
I look forward to coming back and working with you very soon
Thanks again,
Aika Sega

Hey Ron,
Thanks for having us showcase at the Expo - what a blast to play Vegas...
Learned a lot from you guys and want to keep a good business relationship with Entertainmentfirst for our band - TRIDON.

It was awesome meeting Kim and Ron!!
I cant wait for next year!! thank you so much for the opportunity :):)
hopefully we will see u in oregon soon!!

Great pictures ron. It is so good to see you doing all this stuff.
The girls are all beautiful and the guys are happi
Tony Pretzello

Thanks for everything and I wanna bang the next one out to so lets get it!!!!!!!!!!

Between Sins ya baby!!! fired up 4 the show....
props `2 my main man Ron Knight...
if ur a serious artist, he's the real deal...
ain't no better promoter than him y'all..

Ron, This is an honor.
I feel I must apologize for not being able to take u up on the Invitation to play at the Fashion and Music Expo u invited me to. I was so amazed and excited to not only be picked to attend, but also hearing you playing my song "Sweater Weather" in the background while you left a message on my phone, I'll never forget that! I'll be heading to Oklahoma to record my album for nationwide release in June, should hit shelves late summer/early fall. I'm very excited about this, but also almost completely broke. But, I suppose if u want to make money you have to invest it.
You were very forthcoming and personable on the phone. I hate to let people down, especially when they enjoy something I wrote. I'd love to make it up to you somehow when I have the means Ron. I vow this to you and am a man of my word.
You are a good man and I will most definitely make it up to u somehow my friend.
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Mike V