Ron Knight - CEO/President/Executive Producer/Talent Management

Ron Knight, International Entertainer, CEO of Entertainmentfirst, Ebonytown Records and the Founder of the Music and Fashion Expo and The Entertainmentfirst International Film Festival.
Born in East Orange, New Jersey and now residing in Las Vegas producing live entertainment events and expos both in Las Vegas and Australia (where he also lived for 25yrs).
Ron Knight is enjoying a successful international singing career that allows him and his show to travel the world with his sensational voice and with 40yrs of experience in the Entertainment and Record Industries, he now has the knowledge to pass on to the younger generations who also need to learn the business of Entertainment.
Ron has enjoyed performing with many known celebrities of today's music and entertainment scenes such as;
Stevie Wonder, the late Lou Rawls and Tony Curtis (may they rest in peace), Tina Turner, Chaka Chan, Smokey Robinson, Sam Neill, Bobby Womack, plus the late great Wolf Man Jack.......just to name a few.
Ron has enjoyed some major television network coverage over his career including;
* Star Search (winner 1986)
* Fox TV's - Performing As where his tribute to James Brown was astounding, leaving the crowd wanting much, much more....
* Discovery Channel (currently airing 4 times a year) You will also catch Ron Knight's Las Vegas Story on the Discovery Channel - thru which Casino Diaries shows the real side of the entertainment business, show is repeatedly shown each year.
Please read more about Ron and his career, videos also available here......

Kimberley Knight - Vice President/CFO/Executive Director of Events


Born in Australia, Kimberley is a trained dancer, choreographer and event specialist. She has travelled the world in her chosen field of dance, working in Cabaret Shows & Variety Shows throughout Spain, Japan, Australia and the USA.
In 1998, Kimberley made Las Vegas her home when she was asked to choreograph a show at the Showboat Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for Entertainer Ron Knight.
Her Skills range from dancing, costume design and creation, graphics & web designs plus event planning and live event production.
In Australia, Kimberley also owned and operated a performing arts school where she taught dance (ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary dance) & the basics of modeling.
In Las Vegas Kimberley is VP/Director of Events at Entertainmentfirst where she has assisted Ron Knight in created The Music and Fashion Expo Event Series (now celebrating 10years) The Miss Las Vegas Classic Beauty Pageant (where she is able to help teach young women the necessary skills to enter national pageants) and the Entertainmentfirst International Film Festival.
With Kimberley's design skills she also owns a clothing label "Knight Apparell" designing a new collection each year to showcase at the Music and Fashion Expo. In addition to clothing Kimberley's passion is costume creations - making costumes for the Entertainmenfirst Showgirls of Las Vegas  each year.


Dawn Cato - PR/Event Marketing Supervisor


Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ms. Cato has been involved in the performing arts industry concentrating on children's theatre & acting.
Throughout her early twenties Dawn worked in the fashion industry as a Plus Size Model and been in many News Papers, Plus Size Fashion Magazines and TV Commercials.
Dawn is currently involved in a non profit project called A Class With Broadway, her title is board member and treasurer
Ms. Cato is a natural born marketer and PR machine, whom has the ability to turn any promotion or event marketing idea into an online winner. With skills in promoting music acts and models, she also boasts great contacts in the entertainment and fashion industries.
On twitter she is better known as The Official Talent Scout Of North America.

John Williams - Music Industry Associate/Talent Management

Mr. Williams started his music career at the age of sixteen as a disc jockey in the city of San Francisco.
At the age of nineteen and for the next sixteen years Mr. Williams traveled behind the scenes with top R&B and Rock and Roll bands as a top line tour/production manager and stage designer, winning two awards with Performance Magazine.
He was President of ARD Records and is the founder of "Jazz for the Homeless" and "Musicians Against AIDS", which was the US representative for the Freddy Mercury Trust.
At the age of thirty-five Mr. Williams showed interested in Broadway and since that time he has performed with three Broadway Shows and for the past ten years worked on A Class with Broadway to help educate teenagers about Broadway.
Now living in Las Vegas Mr. Williams now runs John E. Williams III Productions, a music management company that handles both headliners and good independent acts. Currently handling The Emotions, Malo and the Delfonics to name a few. for more information go to

Maria Bruce
is the Sewing/Textiles Core/Lead Instructor at NAFD (Nevada Association of Fashion Designers)
NAFD: A Nevada state fashion and design educational organization.
NAFD founded and incorporated in 1995 is governed by its by-laws and voluntary board of directors. Non Profit 501c3 Educational Program.
Program & Objectives: 2 Yr. Graduate, 184 Hr. Fashion Certificate Program;
* To promote the fashion industry in the state of Nevada.
* To assist unknown/new designers develop educational backgrounds for the industry.
* To develop educational programs within Nevada to promote fashion designing.
* To employ instructors to teach educational courses/programs which promotes a fashion industry.
* To develop standards and lesson plans to teach educational courses/programs.
* And any other lawful purpose which would promote the fashion industry for Nevada.