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Michael Campbell

Michael Campbell - CEO BLack on Purpose Television (BOP TV)
Brooklyn West Records  - Universal Music Group Distribution Representative:

Michael is a distinguished Musician, Composer, Producer, Musical Director and an extraordinary music Educator!
At the mere age of 15, his band, New Experience, was a semi-finalist in a CBS Records talent competition held at the Billie Holiday Theater in Brooklyn, New York.

Recognized for remarkable talent, the emerging musical prodigy was chosen as an apprentice of Atlantic Records (co-founded by Herb Abramson) at A-1 Recording Studios in New York City. Diligently working as an Assistant Engineer to such artists as Bernard Purdy, Lloyd Price, Otis Blackwell, Roy Ayres (and countless other musical pioneers who specialized in abounding forms of music; even dozens of Broadway soundtracks) provided essential training from Master Recording Engineers and Producers. This priceless privilege equipped Michael Campbell with the utmost knowledge of production, mastering, mixing and microphone placement techniques. Equipping himself with these invaluable skills has help to erect Michael Campbell’s invincible musical foundation. Many of today’s engineers are incapable of delivering half of Michaels effortless artistry.
Conscious of time’s emphatic hands, Michael sought to challenge himself so that his sound would remain fresh and appreciated. As fate would have it, Michael Campbell was bound to run across Michael Williams. Instantly their competitive work compelled them to make award-winning history. As a songwriting and production partner, of legendary producer, Michael “Keyboard Money Mike” Williams; these two are aptly referred to as The Power Team. As they’ve collaborated both stateside and abroad their paired genius will always be available for other’s listening pleasure.

Producer/Engineer/Musician/Composer/Music Director for the following companies; Colisa Records, B-Boy Records, Atlantic Records, Tsob Records, DreamWorks Records, Arista Records, Profile Records, Sasoul Records, Spring Posse Records, MCA Records, Brunswick Records, West End Records, Prelude Records, TVI Records, Vangard Records, Sound of New York Records, P&P Records, Queen Constance Records, Chocolate City Records, York Records.

Just as the public expanded its auditory palate; Michael began investing into Hip-Hop while it was still in its infancy. Being one of the inaugural Hip-Hop producers enabled the beatsmith to establish connections with B-Boy Records. Not only was Michael producing for the label; he also contributed his copious abilities as both a skilled engineer and musician (playing the Drums, the Bass, the Guitar, and the piano). B-Boy’s artists, JVC Force, Boogie Down Productions, KRS One and many others have gone on to great success. MC Lyte's first producer. Michael was one of the first to integrate live musicians within Hip-Hop. Independent Hip Label Pioneers, Paul Winley, Eddie O' Loughlin and Bobby Robinson all worked with Michael Campbell and acknowledged his musical acumen.

At present as the Founder/CEO of Brooklyn West Records, an innovative record label, which is positioning itself to become the paragon of the independent labels as it embraces digital distribution. After securing a distribution and support services deal through Universal / Bungalo Records, Michael Campbell’s is amassing a cache of creativity will be implemented as he erects his empire through Brooklyn West Records, working in conjunction with Entertainmentfirst, Inc. and the Music & Fashion Expo, it has allowed Mr. Campbell to reach artists from around the world.

John E. Williams III

Mr. Williams started in the music industry at the age of 16 in 1978 as a disc jockey in San Francisco on KPOO Radio. He was the second youngest Disc Jockey in the country at the time. Playing the best dance and R&B music, though on a non-commercial station he was the most successful DJ in the San Francisco Bay Area during his time spots.

In 1980 through 1995 he had the opportunity to toured behind the scenes with major Rock Groups, R&B Groups and Rap Artist as a top lone Production Manager and Stage Designer. He traveled the world behind the scenes with numerous bands and during this time he won Best Production Manager and Best Stage Design Award through Performance throughout his career.

From 1981 to 1986, he formed ARD Records, which he was the Founder and President of the label taking his artist Tony DuPuis to the top. Through touring with the bands he was able to maintain and handle his business with the record label and making his name in the Industry, talking at conventions like Black Radio Exclusive (BRE), Gavin Report, New Music Seminar (NMS) and Jack the Rapper.

Mr. Williams has had three Non Profit Corporations which he formed;
1. "Jazz of the Homeless"... to help homeless throughout the US, here Mr Williams puts aid concerts together to help raise money for the homeless.
2. "Musicians Against AIDS", where his company was the Representation for Freddy Mercury through Jim Beach (Manager for Queen) here in the US.
3. Formed in 1998, he formed "A Class with Broadway" (which will hit the road in two years time) to help educate teenagers about musicals coast to coast. This project has One Thousand One Hundred Plus High Schools in Thirty Eight Cities currently organized to participate with this important project.

In 1998, Mr. Williams became an actor/singer on Broadway. He studied his new passion at (ACT) American Conservatory of Music in San Francisco where after a few years training landed Principal Roles with Three Major Broadway Shows, in the US and in London.

Williams heart is in Broadway and the Old School R&B and he decided after moving to Las Vegas that he wants to get back to his main passion in the Music Industry as a Manager and Agent. He started his company John E Williams Productions, which handles several majors R&B Groups and books them Coast to Coast.

Currently, Mr. Williams has built his name back into the Music Business and besides booking groups, he is starting to Manage new artists to further their careers, as well as, becoming a top Promoter in several cities. You can read more about what is going on with Mr. Williams at www.jwiii.com

Nevada Association of Fashion Design

NAFD: A Nevada state fashion and design educational organization.
NAFD founded and incorporated in 1995 is governed by its by-laws and voluntary board of directors. Non Profit 501c3 Educational Program.

Program & Objectives: 2 Yr. Graduate, 184 Hr. Fashion Certificate Program;
To promote the fashion industry in the state of Nevada.
To assist unknown/new designers develop educational backgrounds for the industry.
To develop educational programs within Nevada to promote fashion designing.

To employ instructors to teach educational courses/programs which promotes a fashion industry.
To develop standards and lesson plans to teach educational courses/programs.
And any other lawful purpose which would promote the fashion industry for Nevada.

Fashion Design Certification: NAcFD Professional Fashion Certification for Fashion Design Graduates

NAFD: Victoria Campe - Founder/President: 702-401-7149
Fashion Design Core/Lead Instructor: Gigi Morris
Sewing/ Textiles Core/Lead Instructor: Maria Bruce
Illustration/Sketching Core/Lead Instructor: Julia Gold
Elective Instructor: Beverly Davis
Elective Instructor: Adam Martinez
UNLV E.O. Fashion Programmer: Maryann Borgesen
UNLV E.O. Registration: 702-895-3394



Jay Warsinske is the founder and CEO of INDIEPOWER.com. A 35+ year music industry executive & marketing veteran, Warsinske helped market and break such musical acts as
DR. DRE, U2, 2PAC, METALLICA, SNOOP DOGG, BLACK EYED PEAS, LIL WAYNE, GUNS N’ ROSES, EMINEM, MADONNA, T.I., RAMONES, AC/DC, GREEN DAY, NWA, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, NIRVANA & many more. He has assembled an all star team of some of the top professionals in every vital area of the industry, to build what is now an industry powerhouse! Regarded as a top music industry expert in worldwide marketing, promotion and distribution Warsinske is in demand as a keynote speaker, expert and panelist at many of the major music conferences including the NEW MUSIC SEMINAR, MIDEM, HOLLYWOOD MUSIC IN MEDIA CONFERENCE, THE BILLBOARD CONFERENCE, URBAN NETWORK, GRAMMY events as well as others around the world. He is also an author & regular expert columnist for dozens of leading publications and industry websites providing readers with valuable insights into the ever-changing music industry.

This All Star team formed INDIEPOWER to provide music artists, producers, writers & labels with corporate quality marketing and promotion for advancing their careers, without having to give up all their rights, ownership & profits to do so. Warsinske has help top executive positions at a number of major entertainment companies over his illustrious four+ decade career. Team mates include former Presidents of major labels, top marketing & promotion execs from leading companies & some of the most passionate and skilled marketing professionals in the industry fighting to break artists & music worldwide! Warsinske is a graduate of Western Washington University with a BFA in Arts & Entertainment Management. INDIEPOWER is based in L.A., NYC, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Toronto & Melbourne. Operating in over 80 countries around the world – to bring your music to the World!

INDIE POWER principals have worked with these Top Artists & more : Black Eyed Peas, Janet Jackson, Sting, Madonna, Fugees, Prince, Lauren Hill, Gloria Estefan, Shakira, N.W.A., Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, T.I., 2Pac, Eminem and D-12, Ice Cube, Juvenille, Outlawz, Pimp C, Wu Tang Clan, Cash Money, Xzibit, Fat Joe, Nate Dogg, U2, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Van Halen, AC/DC, Guns'n'Roses, Pennywie, Aerosmith, The Police, The Clash, Metallica, Motley Crue, Heart, Santana, and many more

Sin 7 Media specializes in all forms of graphic design, filming services and post production. We cater for clients that want that extra special touch that only the big multi million dollar agencies can offer. With a team consisting of industry professionals who have worked around the world, the company is run by John Dominic who has worked with companies such as COCA COLA, NBC, ADDIDAS, CHEVOLET, NASCAR, NHRA, VISA, REVLON, MCDONALDS, ESPN, 20th CENTURY FOX, SONY, MAXFACTOR, HP, many more.....

With over 20yrs in the game, Sin 7 Media are just busy getting the job done right...the first time, they’ll give you the facts straight. You'll deal with the person creating your job, no middle men or account managers.
Television Commercials, Feature Films, TV shows, Music Videos, Sin 7 Media have got you covered. With knowledge and experience in productions for all industries including; automotive, corporate, cosmetic, FMCG, technology, music, fashion, media, and sport. A product delivered by sin 7 Media will enhance your company's competitive edge. Our team consists of international talents, ensuring you get the best guidance possible in todays market place.

Also coming to Sin 7 Media, will be their "Artist Development" Management Division. This division will help upcoming and current artists, help perform and gain recognition in the market place. Another feature will be assisting in getting bookings for gigs.


RadioZone 1 is a live streaming internet radio station, located in Las Vegas, NV USA. We are an interactive station that lets listeners not only hear, but also see what is going on. One of the main features of RadioZone1, is that not only do we broadcast live across the internet worldwide, but we focus on worldwide events and programming.

It doesn't matter if you're in the USA, Australia, Japan, Russia, or England, there is something for everybody.
We broadcast live online at www.radiozone1.com with Comedy, Sports, Travel, Rock, Multicultural, Independent Music, Business, Films and the list goes on.
We are an independent station that caters to the community and YOU. We invite all our listeners to get involved. As opposed to mainstream stations, if you have something you would like to share with the world, then you are more than welcome to be a guest on our station.
Supporting the Music & Fashion Expo by collaborating with Ron Knight as we support both independent and mainstream music on the Entertainmentfirst Radio Show.

Jimmie Wheeler


“Creating Music with Powerful Meaning”

With his power house team - Jimmie “Big Wheel” Wheeler is one of the founders of Cherokee Black Records. Ronald Carter, (President / A & R person), and Trena Comeaux, (Vice President/ Secretary Administrative Assistant).

Jimmie “Big Wheel” Wheeler is a former investment banker. He has a B.A. in Economics, MBA. Wheeler was involved with boxing and concert promotions under “Big Wheel Promotions”. Wheeler promoted/managed or worked with boxing athletes such as Larry Holmes, Edvander Hollyfield and George Foreman. In the entertainment arena he also promoted/managed or worked with Destiny's Child, Pattie LaBelle, Gladys Knight, and many more. Wheeler brought most of these successful people from their early years to stardom.

In the early 1980’s and 1990’s, Wheeler spent over 15 years as an investment banker. He helped to orchestrate a number of monumental acquisitions, and leverage buyouts ranging from real estate development, oil and gas as well as the entertainment industry. He also was very instrumental in the developing of the casino gaming industry in the State of Mississippi.

Wheeler’s duties with Cherokee Black consist of all business aspects. Business aspects include negotiating all contracts for the artist distribution deals, license agreements, and financial management of the label, financial budgeting and video.

Currently Promoting the www.mjfanvention in Indiana and many other great projects and new artists with Black Cherokee Records, supporting Entertainmentfirst and the Music & Fashion Expo Event Series.


19 years of Television Production (Talent), Publicity and Promotions in Los Angeles, New York and Memphis, TN including: live events, awards shows, specialized programming and sports.

Management Skills Able to interface with Senior Production Team in regards to all aspects of procuring and coordinating talent for television, film and or live events.

Entertainment Industry Relations I have extensive experience in many areas within the entertainment industry that allow production teams the necessary outreach capabilities to assist in establishing contacts within film studios, television networks, record companies, agencies and managers.

* Talent Scouting, Event Coordination, Coordinated Press Junkets 2010-1996 - MaxPublicity (Los Angeles/Memphis/San Francisco
* Talent Coordinator 2008-2007 BET Sunday Best - BET (Los Angeles, CA)
* Talent Producer 2007 - Christmas at the Cathedral - MyNetwork TV (Los Angeles, CA)
* Associate Talent Producer 2008-2007 - Christian Music Awards (CMA’s) Gospel Music Channel
* Executive Talent Coordinator 2009-2008 - Christian Music Awards (CMA’s) Gospel Music Channel
* Executive Talent Coordinator 2008 (DREAM CENTER) - Nashville Star NBC (Los Angeles, CA)
* Producer/Director/Production Mgmt/Coordination 2006-2005 - The Show Fox, Channel 13 (Memphis, TN)

Talent Scout/Promotions Consultant for Motown Records, Loud Records, RCA Records, Hollywood Records, MCA Records, Universal Records, Def Jam Records, Sony Records, Columbia Records, PolyGram Films.
Talent Consultant for ABC Television, NBC Television, FOX Television, CBS Television, Warner Television, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon, Mayor A. Villaraigosa (Los Angeles, CA), Mayor Willie W. Herenton (Memphis, TN), Memphis & Shelby Co. Music Comm., Memphis Visitors and Conv. Bureau, plus Executive Talent Coordinator for BET Television, and Publicist for Actress and Film Icon Carol Burnett.

* University of TN at Chattanooga 1991-1986 (matriculated) -Business Administration-General Management

WarSar Entertainment Group

Warsar was established by CEO & Founder Morris Warren. Morris Warren is an Entrepreneur whom has been in the business for over 20 years. His dedication to the craft brought him to his inevitable destiny by starting a record label. Warsar is not your average record company our goal is to help individuals strive for excellence.

At WarSar everyone is treated like a VIP. Morris Warren believes if you guide an artist and give them proper preparation, you will in turn receive 100% from the artist.
Our program is a five step course, that aids the artist in obtaining organizational skills. Our first step is vocals, we make sure that the artist is comfortable with their range, and teachings to breathing techniques. Second is Image, the look is ideal for the artist, Appearance is crucial in obtaining the artists unique style. Third is personality, we have experience in working with people that sometimes in many cases let their ego get the best of them. It is important to humble yourself immediately it shows that you are paying attention and learning instead of focusing on leading. This will help distinguish weakness; the best way to cope is to breathe easy. Fourth is creating a biography putting together the perfect format for the artist. This will initiate good grooming and learning about the individual and where they came from and how far they will go in their career. Fifth is our most important step stage presence you have to grab the audience from the time you step on stage. Our staff will show you step by step how to generate confidence and have the people around you know that you are secure.

Warsar is committed to helping everyone. Our staff will have you ready for star quality. We all have it, it just takes proper guidance to help you shine. We hope you will take the time to go through the website and see what WarSar has to offer in addition to the information we have already given. We are a minority owned company.